Sacha Baron Cohen Can’t Punk Howard Dean: Hillary Clinton Isn’t A Man


Howard Dean, Vermont’s former Democratic governor, proved a match for Sacha Baron Cohen last night on Showtime’s Who Is America?, refusing to take the bait when Cohen’s alter-ego, the alt-right Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., insisted that Hillary Clinton is a man.

And though Dean dismissed the conspiracy theory – fueled by obviously doctored photo of a pants-bulging Hillary – he did engage slightly during the ridiculous conversation. Not to mention that he sat down with the fake in the first place.

When Cohen/Ruddick produced the photo, Dean first attempted to explain it as a bad press from the drycleaner. Another doctored photo, of Clinton standing at a urinal, prompted Dean to note explain that any photo can be doctored, even one to make Donald Trump appear in drag.

“I can’t go here,” Dean says at one point. “I can’t do it.”

“You can’t handle the truth,” says Cohen later.

In other segments, Cohen, in character as Danish blogger OMGWhizzBoyOMG, presented one of his little toys – “Fizzy Fireworks” – to former Arizona GOP Governor Jan Brewer, and pleads with Brewer, in his toy voice, for a semi-automatic gun.

“Certain kinds of machine guns are off grounds,” Brewer says, playing along. “They ought not to be though.”

Watch a short clip from the Dean segment above.

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