John Oliver Taunts Donald Trump’s “One Man Legal Improv Troupe” Rudy Giuliani Over “Truth Isn’t Truth” Argument

John Oliver kicked off Last Week Tonight marveling at Rudy Giuliani’s much discussed morning brain fart.

The president’s lawyer and “one man legal improv troupe,” went on Chuck Todd’s Sunday Beltway show Meet The Press and came up with a rationale for his boss’s refusal to sit down with Robert Mueller that was, even by Giuliani standards, “very Giuliani,” Oliver admitted.

Giuliani had scolded Todd, saying, “When you tell me that [President Donald Trump] should testify, because he’s going to tell the truth and he should not worry – well, that’s silly, because it’s somebody’s version of the truth, not The Truth.”

“Truth is truth,” Todd had shot back.

“No, truth isn’t truth,” Giuliani insisted stoutly.

“‘Truth isn’t truth’? Mr. Mayor, do you realize – I know this is going to become a bad meme,” a gobsmacked Todd responded, putting his hand to his head, presumably to keep it from coming off.

“Don’t do this to me,” Giuliani shot back, mocking Todd’s gesture.

Oliver pointed out this response is not acceptable from POTUS lawyer, and “barely acceptable from a sophomore philosophy major who just tried molly for the first time.”

“In fairness to Giuliani – the Ken Bone of 9/11 –  that was not the dumbest thing he said in that interview,” Oliver warned his viewers.

That was by way of introducing the dumbest thing Giuliani said during that interview. Keeping in mind that the job of the president’s lawyer is to try to dismiss potentially damaging evidence such as the infamous Trump Tower meeting, Giuliani did the exact opposite.

In his MTP chat with Giuliani, Todd suggested the Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Kremlin-tied Russian who had promised to bring dirt on Hillary Clinton, should at least be investigated.

Giuliani disagreed with Todd. He began to explain his reasoning by saying the meeting “was originally for the purpose of getting information about Clinton.”

“Which, in itself, is attempted collusion,” Todd interrupted, winning that round, though Giuliani tried to recover with stout denial, barking back, “No, it’s not.”

“What is Giuliani doing?! And why does the White House let him keep going on TV?” Oliver wondered, speaking for many.

“At this rate, Trump is going ton wind up behind bars, with Giuliani visiting him and saying, ‘Don’t worry Donald, ‘prison isn’t prison’.”

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