‘Meg’ Munches On $300M+ & ‘M:I- Fallout’ Jumps Over $500M WW In Milestone-Rich Frame – International Box Office

Warner Bros., Paramount

UPDATE, writethru: There were milestones and action aplenty at the global and international box office this weekend, which were again led by Warner Bros/Gravity Pictures’ The Meg. The prehistoric shark kept moviegoers biting for another $67M in 55 markets to increase the overseas catch to $230.4M and the worldwide haul to $314.1M through Sunday.

But before we dive further in with The Meg, let’s look at some of the other major thresholds crossed this session. Paramount Pictures/Skydance’s Mission: Impossible – Fallout has topped $300M internationally and $500M globally in its 4th weekend with some great holds. Right now, Tom Cruise’s 6th run as Ethan Hunt is pacing 17% ahead of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation overseas. And that’s with Italy and China still on deck.

Also sailing past a big mile-marker, Sony’s Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation broke the $400M barrier globally. Helping get there, China this weekend gave HT3 the 2nd biggest debut for a Hollywood animated movie in 2018. The threequel also matched the Middle Kingdom lifetime of HT2, in just three days.

Universal’s Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is still hitting high notes in the UK where it has become the No. 2 film of 2018 and Universal’s 3rd biggest title ever. The sequel further trouped past $200M overseas and $300M global in the frame.

Universal/Amblin are also cashing in more dino dollars as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ices Frozen’s overseas gross to become the No. 11 release ever offshore. Japan has stomped on $65.9M and the total international cume is now $878.2M for $1,289.9M worldwide.

Overall, and aided by Sony’s The Equalizer 2 starting rollout in some key majors, the weekend’s Top 5 overseas studio pics combined for $148.6M. That’s about 58% more than the Top 5 scored on the comparable weekend in 2017.

Ti Gong
Last year, Warner Bros led the session with Annabelle: Creation and this year has spinoff The Nun waiting in the wings. In the meantime, it’s got a giant predatory shark splashing around offshore. After a surprise start last weekend, The Meg stayed sharp at No. 1 in 21 holdover markets and was tops in eight of the 13 openers this session.

China had a super tight grip, dropping 39% to move up to No. 2 for the weekend with a $117.2M cume through Sunday. The action pic is finding favor with Middle Kingdom audiences, and while it’s running 2nd to fantasy comedy The Island, other recent local pics have been a mixed bag as last week’s iPartment crashed hard and this week’s titles found muted traction.

The Meg, seen as the first overtly commercial U.S.-China co-production that’s playing to a global audience, has released nearly everywhere with France and Japan still to come. There is some runway ahead, although China will go the way of the Ant-Man And The Wasp as of next Friday. We’re hearing final worldwide Meg estimates upwards of $400M.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros’ domestic champ, Crazy Rich Asians, is on a very staggered offshore release pattern, bowing in just six smaller markets this session before next frame’s splash in South East Asia (including Singapore and Malaysia where it shot) and before Australia on August 30. China does not yet have a release — even though the film already has a 7.2 on Douban.

Breakdowns on the films above and more have been updated below.


Warner Bros.
Warner Bros/Gravity Pictures’ shark tale landed another $67M in 55 offshore markets this weekend, showing its teeth again and bringing the international tally to $230.4M for $314.1M global.

While China didn’t immediately fall hook, line and sinker for The Meg last weekend, the movie swam faster by last Sunday and had good midweeks with the action working for local audiences and Jason Statham a favorite. It crossed $100M this frame with $30.5M for the three-day (a great 39% drop) and $117.2M to date. The pic had initially been hampered by fewer screens from the outset last weekend as fully local titles took pride of place. But then iPartment tanked, and this weekend’s new entries Europe Raiders, Go Brother and Oolong Contryard struggled with their own issues (more below) and against the shark.

Overall, the Jon Turtletaub-helmed summer popcorn pic was No. 1 in 21 holdover markets including Russia, Brazil and Mexico. It was also tops in eight of the 13 new hubs including Australia. Regionally, the drops were -38% across Latin America, -42% in Europe and -46% in Asia. In IMAX plays, $14M of $25M global comes from China.

Korea was the biggest opener in the session with $3.2M from 601 screens. There is a host of local competition, and Mamma Mia 2 was still riding good vibes which placed The Meg in 5th (not including previews). The results were nevertheless 8% ahead of Statham’s Mechanic: Resurrection, 41% above London Has Fallen and 49% over White House Down.

Australia chomped on $2.5M on 413, including sneaks, for No. 1 and on par with San Andreas. The debut topped comps Rampage, London Has Fallen, Into The Storm and Geostorm.

In notable holds, Mexico follows China with a $13.6M cume and a 41% drop from opening. The UK placed No. 3 in the sophomore session at -37% and is the No. 3 overall market at $11M. Fast-burn Russia dipped 55% for $10M to date and is the No. 4 overall market. Spain rounds out the Top 5 cumes at $6M after a 40% slide.

Brazil, which has totaled $4.5M so far, eased just 28%. Indonesia had the same drop and has cumed $5.1M. France opens this week.


Sony Pictures
Opening in China this weekend, Sony’s threequel did $16.9M in a crowded and shifting marketplace. This is the 2nd biggest start for an animated Hollywood title of the year, behind Incredibles 2, and with RMB 116M is about equal to the lifetime of Hotel Transylvania 2 (RMB 118.7M) in just three days. HT3 benefits from being one of the first studio movies back in the market after the July blackout and as a pure family title.

In total this session, HT3 made $28.3M in 60 markets and has cumed $272.1M offshore for $426M worldwide. To pass HT2 globally (in non-adjusted dollars), the film needs about another $47M. Italy and Poland are still on deck.

In already opened markets this session, the hold was -41%. Notables include Australia (-2%), Israel (-16%), Spain (-20%), Belgium (-21%), Netherlands (-31%), Argentina (-33%), Russia (-33%), Mexico (-34%), Germany (-38%), Norway (-38%) and the UK (-39%).

The Top 5 are currently Mexico ($26.2M), Brazil ($18.7M), Russia ($18.3M), the UK ($18.1M) and China ($16.9M).


Tom Cruise’s Mission continues with another $20.5M in 61 markets this session to bring the offshore cume to $320.7M off some strong holds. The global tally cruised across $500M with $501.44M to date. China is looming on August 31 and the sixquel is eyeing a possible worldwide finish in the $750M-$800M range.

Fallout already tops the total global cumes of the first Mission ($457.7M) and M:I III ($398M). It will also fly past Mission: Impossible II ($546M). To top both of the more recent installments, it needs to jump higher than Ghost Protocol’s $694.7M. Overseas, the Paramount/Skydance movie is running 17% ahead of Rogue Nation at the same point in release and in like-for-like markets.

The international holdover drop was 47% this session. France led with $2.8M at 926 locations (-35%) for $19.1M after three weeks and scoring a hat trick at No.1. Japan likewise earned another $2.8M at 367 cinemas (a 41% dip). The total in the slow-burn market is $30.8M to date.

Korea continues to lead all play at $48.6M after four frames. The market is saturated now with local titles and new entries while the M:I6 drop was 56%.

In other major market holds, the UK was down 40% on last session for a $26.1M cume; Germany dipped 43% at No. 2 for $10.3M to date; Australia, also at No. 2, slid 49% and has climbed to $11M so far; the Netherlands (another No. 2 play) fell 41% to cume $5.2M; and Brazil dropped 46% for a local tally of $10.8M.

Italy goes on August 29, followed by China on August 31.


Equalizer 2 Sony
Denzel Washington’s first sequel started staggered overseas release in late July and has just started gunning in major markets. Adding a total 25 this session, the Sony title captured $17.5M. That lifts the international box office cume to $29M in 41 hubs.

The Antoine Fuqua-helmed title came in No. 1 in 13 openings and bested the first film by 15%. That original did just 47% of its business overseas and saw its biggest offshore grosses in the UK, Germany and France.

This weekend, the UK led bows with $2.6M (including previews), followed by France ($2.3M, including previews), Germany ($2.1M, including previews and at No. 1), Indonesia ($1.6M, including previews, No. 1), Mexico ($1.4M) and Brazil ($1.2M).

Upcoming major releases include Russia, Italy and Korea in September followed by Japan in October.


Universal’s pop parade strutted into five new markets this session and added $15.3M in a total 62. Overseas, the sequel has crossed $200M with $207.8M to date, and globally it’s now at $319M.

Mexico opened to $1M at 511 locations for No. 3 and tracking ahead of the previous film. Russia debuted to $866K at 1,137 to land No. 2 behind The Meg. Central America and Colombia both bowed ahead of MM1.

Korea’s been singing along with $12.3M to date in a locally-crowded market with the film now 18% ahead of the original at the same point in release. The UK is, however, the dancing queen with $70.9M so far and holding at -38%. Cher and the gang are now starring in the No. 2 movie of 2018 in the market and Universal’s 3rd biggest grosser of all time locally behind the first Mamma Mia! and Jurassic World.

Next weekend adds Venezuela and Japan. Italy tunes in September 6.


With Germany and Italy still to come next month, Incredibles 2 has become the No. 20 release ever worldwide and the No. 3 animated release of all time. An $8.9M weekend in 34 markets brings the overseas cume to $526.8M and the global gross to $1,120.9M.

There were no new openings on the Disney/Pixar title this session. Notable holds include Israel (-9%), Belgium (-23%), Spain (-25%), Netherlands (-38%), France (-38%), Czech Rep (-41%), Japan (-42%) and the UK (-43%).

The latter leads all play at $63.3M, followed by China ($53.7M), France ($37.6M), Mexico ($37.2M) and Brazil ($36.8M). In Poland, Incredibles 2 has now become the highest grossing Pixar/Disney Animation release ever.


Christopher Robin bowed in the key UK market this weekend, taking $3.2M including previews and expected to be No. 1 for the frame. In total, the session was worth $7.9M in 34 material markets, lifting the offshore cume to $22.8M in what’s been a staggered release. The global total is $89.7M so far.

Germany was also a new hub with $900K including previews and Brazil bowed with $400K. Mexico is leading all play so far with $4.1M to date (-8% in the session), followed by Russia ($3.5M), the UK ($3.2M), Hong Kong ($1.1M) and Venezuela ($900K).

Christopher, Pooh, Piglet and the other Hundred Acre Wood denizens have major market openings ahead throughout August, September and October. They will not, however, be going to China.


As the size-shifting Marvel superheroes get ready to buzz into China on Friday, Ant-Man And The Wasp put $5.1M in the nest in 36 markets this session. That takes the offshore cume to $257.2M and sets the movie up to cross $500M globally with $465.6M so far.

Italy was the key opener this frame with $1.3M ($2.7M including previews). The No. 1 launch is about 11% ahead of the original Ant-Man.

The Top 5 on the sequel thus far are Korea ($42.4M), the UK ($17.5M), Mexico ($14.9M), Australia ($14.5M) and Russia ($13M).


Warner Bros Pictures
The Darkest Minds (FOX): $4.9M intl weekend (51 markets); $18.5M intl cume (led by France’s $3.2M)
The Spy Who Dumped Me (LG): $3.5M intl weekend (61 markets including France/Australia); $12.9M intl cume; UK, further rollout through August
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (UNI): $2.8M intl weekend (52 markets); $878.2M intl cume (including $65.9M in Japan)
Ocean’s 8 (WB): $2M intl weekend (39 markets); $148.7M intl cume (includes Japan at $9M after 2 frames)
The First Purge (UNI): $1.6M intl weekend (36 markets/strong Thailand start well above comps); $61.6M intl cume
BlackKklansman (UNI): $1.2M intl weekend (10 markets including strong Australia start with $799K at 198); $1.9M intl cume (rollout through rest of year)
Skyscraper (UNI): $1.1M intl weekend (59 markets); $133.2M intl cume (excluding China)
El Angel (FOX): $860K intl weekend (Argentina only); $2.9M Argentina cume
*Crazy Rich Asians (WB): $730K intl weekend (6 markets including Holland $208K/62 screens, UAE $196K/48 screens)
*Mile 22 (STX): $538K intl weekend (6 smaller markets/165 locations total); Singapore $137K/31, Taiwan $124K/39); rollout through Aug/Sept
Breaking In (UNI): $200K (2 markets); $4M intl cume


Jet Tone
After a confusing and controversial frame last weekend, China had a mixed bag of new entries that were all over the map. The Island led again and has now cumed about $162M after two frames. As noted above, The Meg swam to 2nd place after midweeks rode a wave of positivity and came out of the frame with $117.2M through Sunday. Both films did well as the Qixi Festival (aka Double Seventh Festival, aka Chinese Valentine’s Day) rolled in on Friday which also helped propel Jingle Ma’s opener Europe Raiders ($19.7M) — until word of mouth on the latter squelched its weekend. Another new film, Oolong Courtryard ($14.8M), also dropped throughout the weekend. It had shifted its release date around, confusing audiences. But Go Brother ($18.3M), we hear, could find some more traction coming up.

Contents Panda
New Korea thriller The Witness made $10.6M since its debut on Wednesday, according to Kobiz. On Sunday it led a strong field of holdovers locally. Directed by Cho Kyu-jang, it’s the story of an ordinary man who witnesses a murder but decides to keep mum only to be tracked by the killer in his apartment complex. Also in Korea, Along With The Gods: The Last 49 Days has now grossed $84.3M to put it in the Top 10 ever for the market.

Gintama Live Action 2, the sequel to last year’s adaptation of Hideaki Sorachi’s Gintama manga, grossed $7.3M in Japan this weekend to land No. 1. From Warner Bros Pictures Japan, the movie played on 346 screens and came in 13% ahead of the previous installment which went on to gross $33M locally.


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