Porn Stars Turn To ‘Fortnite’ And Other Big Games As Brand Builders

Epic Games

Your young gamers may have some new online friends in popular titles like Fortnite, Overwatch and World of Warcraft – some of the world’s hottest porn stars.

The adult stars have turned to video games as a brand-builder, streaming their online gaming sessions out to the world as an incentive to lure more followers. It’s all innocent, albeit scantily clad at times. Gaming’s large contingent of males is a ripe target.

While the game titles are the lure, the distribution platforms are the key. Such mainstream sites as YouTube and Amazon’s Twitch feature gaming play-by-play, and there’s no rules against who can be involved.

Among the stars who are streaming their gaming adventures are Mia Khalifa, Rahyndee James and Riley Reid.

Porn star Harriet Sugarcookie told the UK’s Sun why the gaming titles have been targeted.

“First, remember that porn stars have a lot of free time – like athletes,” she said.  “They get paid a lot of money for a relatively short amount of work. They end up with a lot of free time. Video games are a great way to kill that time.”

The transition to gaming is a natural move, Sugarcookie claims. “They’re used to being on camera, used to being on films.”

It’s not all downtime, though. Popular streams can win donations from viewers and a share of advertising revenue. And for the male gamers, many of them in mom’s basement, attractive female streamers are must-see. For the stars, it’s a huge audience – Fortnite alone has 125 million players worldwide.


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