‘Sharknado 6’ Trailer: This Time They’re History — No, Really


Sad news for those of you who have enjoyed the first five iterations of the Sharknado thing: Episode VI – It’s Come to This (fake title) is the last chapter in the toothy saga. But we’ll always have the memories. Come to think of it, that news seems just as sad.


Regardless, here is the final trailer for the final Jaws-meets-weather event, The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time (real title). Airing on Sunday, it wraps Syfy’s Sharknado Week of such awards-bait programming as Nightmare Shark and 6-Headed Shark Attack. Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, who somehow have dodged being chum in the first five of these flicks, are back for the wrapup, in which they are hurled back in time to stop the Sharknado that started it all. Will Fin and the gang be able to set everything right and save the world once and for all?

Dragon sharks? Check. Merlin’s castle? Yup. An Old West gunfight-turned-armchomp. But of course! Tagline of “the world’s biggest disaster finally bites it”? Why not?

Credit where credits are due to producer the Asylum, director Anthony C. Ferrante and screenwriter Scotty Mullen. Check out the trailer above, and prepare to meet the end.

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