Omarosa Unveils New Recording To Bolster Claim Trump Offered Her $15K/Month For Silence


Omarosa Manigault Newman, trying to get her story back in the headlines on a very busy news day, has released another secret recording.

This time, Omarosa took to MSNBC to unveil a recording she said was made on December 16 of last year, within a couple days of being fired from her White House job by Chief of Staff John Kelly. In the recording President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law/campaign adviser Lara Trump appears to offer Omarosa a position on Trump’s re-election campaign.

The conversation takes place the day after a New York Times article, by Maggie Haberman, headlined:  “Omarosa, Leaving the White House, Suggests the Show Will Go On.”

Lara Trump tells Omarosa the article left her with the impression Omarosa has “some things you’ve got in the back pocket to pull out. Clearly, if you come on board the campaign, like we can’t have, we’ve got to –”

“Oh, god no,” Omarosa jumps in.

“Everything, everybody positive, right?” Lara Trump says.

In the recording, Lara Trump says Omarosa was making $179K at the White House, adding, “I think we can work something out where we keep you right along those lines…We’re talking about, like $15K a month,” adding, “Does that sound like a fair deal for you?”

Lara Trump also is heard describing the job: “In terms of your position, specifically, I really feel like your position would require you to be able to be flexible in terms of where you are. Sometimes, you know, come to New York for occasional meetings.”

“I would love if you could, you know, occasionally go do speaking engagements and that sort of thing for us. I think you’d be awesome doing that,” Lara Trump continues. “So it doesn’t really matter where you are. If you’re comfortable staying in D.C., we’re more than happy to have you…”

The audio cuts off.

“I saw this as attempt to buy my silence, and pay me off by the campaign,” Omarosa told MSNBC’s Craig Melvin.

Omarosa previously released tape in which President Donald Trump tells her he was not aware Kelly had fired her.

“Everyone in the Trump family claimed to not know about my firing: Ivanka, Jared, Lara –  No one knew, so they claim. I’m just not buying that,” Omarosa added today on MSNBC

While marching across the TV news landscape to promote her book, Omarosa already has said the Trump team tried to secure her silence with an offer to pay her $15K a month for a non-job.

But this recording also could be interpreted as a simple job offer for a no-heavy-lifting job, at top dollar. She would not be the first person fired at the White House to then go to work on Trump’s re-election campaign.

So, while highly unusual in the real world, this isn’t necessarily unusual in Trump World – though it’s a steep salary.  And, of course, she would likely have had to sign another NDA.

Since then, President Trump has called Omarosa “lowlife,” “wacky” and a “dog.”

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