Get Your Movie History Here: World’s First Ever Film Poster Up For Auction At London’s Sotheby’s

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The world’s first ever film poster is up for auction at London’s Sotheby’s and is expected to fetch around $75,000.

The poster (left), which was designed by French artist Henri Brispot, was used to promote the first public screening of a selection of the Lumière brothers’ short films. The poster was posted and pasted on walls in Paris ahead of the screening, which took place on December 28 1895 in the Salon Indien of the Grand Cafe, on Boulevard des Capucines. It is thought to have been in a private French collection for over forty years.

The screening, which featured ten short films of less than a minute, included Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory, Fishing for Goldfish and Baby’s Breakfast.

Less than thirty people attended the event, which lasted twenty minutes, and members of the press who had been invited did not show up. However, days after the screening, it became big news in France, with the poster featuring in most newspapers, and screenings were subsequently held for heads of state, Kings, Queens and even the Tsar and Tsarina of Russia.

The auction, which opens on August 28 and runs through September 4, also includes 163 other rare film posters including James Bond posters and posters for films including 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars and King Kong.

“This is the ultimate collector’s poster and a true museum piece,” noted the auction house. “This exceptionally rare piece has only surfaced a few times.”

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