Sam Bee Opens ‘Full Frontal’ With ‘Fascists To Watch 2018’

Samantha Bee

“Fascism – not just a word to scream at your dad any more,” Samantha Bee said at the top of Full Frontal.

Fascism is back “for real,” she told her late night viewers, in case any of them hadn’t noticed.

“From the rise of the alt right, to the horror of President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policy, to the marketing of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf as a hit young adult novel, authoritarianism and racism are creeping into every part of our once-okay institutions,” she cautioned.

“And not just super-star races like Donald Trump. There are lots of eager young monsters out there paying their dues, getting ever closer to a shot at the big time,” she said, introducing a show segment: Facists To Watch 2018.

It included Corey Stewart, a GOP senate hopeful running in Virginia, endorsed by white nationalist and anti-semites.  Stewart won the Republican primary, and has made campaign appearances with Jason Kessler, organizer of the white-supremacist Charlottesville rally and last week’s bust of a rally in Washington D.C. Dem senator Tim Kaine currently is crushing him in polls, Bee assured her viewers, while adding, “still, it’s terrifying [Stewart] is the GOP nominee for a major office.”

Also on Bee’s to-watch list: “baby-faced Washington state bigot Jason Allsup,” the alt-right college student who was a scheduled speaker at the Charlottesville march and, Bee noted, has been elected as Republican Party Precinct Officer fin Eastern Washington. Bee quoted Allsup advising other fascists:

“If you are a college guy or college girl and you’re in a college campus, if you have, like three or four, like fashy goy friends, you can take over your school’s…College Republicans group and move it to essentially be, like an alt-right club….It gives you political credibility.”

Bee also includes E. Scott Lloyd on her list. The director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement who “now focuses on imprisoning them instead.”

She wrapped with a look at “Actual Nazi” Arthur Jones. The Holocaust denier is the Republican candidate for Illinois’ third congressional district. Bee ran the oft-played clip of Jones speechifying/screaming, “The white majority is fed up with this corrupt and decadent two-party, Jew-party, queer-party system.”

Cautioned Bee: “Even if the president loses reelection in 2020, or is impeached in 2019, or accidentally locks himself in the White House pantry tomorrow, there is still an upcoming crop of absolute nightmares to watch out for.”

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