Alex Jones Uses Twitter To Complain About His Twitter Suspension

Alex Jones/InfoWars

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones today used Twitter to lash out at the platform for temporarily suspending his personal account, claiming he did not threaten violence against the media.

A clearly agitated Jones claimed his remarks, in which he urged supporters to get their “battle rifles ready,” was intended to warn his followers to prepare to defend themselves, not incite violence.

“They’re hitting me everywhere with lies,” said Jones, adding, without a hint of irony. “It’s a hoax.”

Twitter became the latest of the major tech companies to take action against Jones for comments that violate the platform’s rules — in this case, rules against inciting violence. While the move prevents Jones from tweeting from his personal account, it does not affect the account for his media company, InfoWars, which he used this morning to deliver a 13-minute video to his followers.

The platform had been alone among the major platforms to allow Jones to continue communicating with his 889,000 followers, saying he hadn’t violated the company’s policies.

CEO Jack Dorsey stuck by his decision to keep Jones’ account online, even after Apple removed his podcast from the iTunes store, saying the company does not tolerate hate speech. Facebook, YouTube and Spotify quickly followed suit, along with smaller platforms like Vimeo.

Now, on the eve of tonight’s broadcast of Dorsey’s interview with NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, Twitter imposed its short-term suspension.

Jones apparently got into trouble for linking to a video on Periscope, Twitter’s live-streaming app, in which he labeled the mainstream media as the “enemy,” and called on his followers to take action before these outlets engage in a “false flag” operation to deceive the public.

“It’s time politically and economically and judiciously and legally and criminally to move against these people. It’s got to be done now. Get together the people you know aren’t traitors, and aren’t cowards, and aren’t hedging their frickin’ bets like all these other a**holes do, and let’s go, let’s do it. Because they’re coming,” Jones said.

Jones added that followers should “have their battle rifles and everything ready at their bedsides and you got to be ready.”

The progressive advocacy group, Media Matters, preserved the video here.

Jones, wearing a Lone Star T-shirt instead of his usual suit jacket and Oxford shirt, sought to discredit Media Matters for allegedly taking his remarks out of context, and various news organizations for promoting what he called a “lie.”

After being kicked off some 20 platforms, Jones urged his followers to go directly to InfoWars’ website to subscribe to the podcast — and to redistribute clips to promote the show virally.

“This is a total war,” Jones said. “You should reach out at Jack. We should start boycotting democrat companies.”

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