Omarosa: Donald Trump Aware Of Hillary Clinton’s Stolen Emails Before Wikileaks Released Them


Undaunted by the Donald Trump campaign’s legal move to shut her up, Omarosa Manigault Newman took to MSNBC this afternoon to claim he knew about Hillary Clinton’s stolen emails prior to their release by Wikileaks during the campaign.

“Did Donald Trump know about those emails before they came out?” Katy Tur asked during her MSNBC hour.

“Absolutely,” Omarosa responded.

“He knew what was coming out before Wikileaks released them?” Tur asked, to clarify.

“Yes,” Omarosa said.

Omarosa said she would “leave that to lawyers to sort out” when asked about the Trump campaign filing arbitration against her earlier in the day, adding “it’s interesting he’s trying to silence me.”

Omarosa is setting the book-tour bar very high this week, releasing secret recordings she’s made of private conversations she had with Trump and acolytes during Unhinged interviews. Already she’s released a recording of a phone call she got from Trump after she was fired in December, in which Trump played dumb about it. She also unveiled a secret Situation Room recording in which White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was heard sacking her.

“Do you have more tapes?” Tur wondered – odd, given that Omarosa already said so to MSNBC colleague Chris Matthews.

“I’m not going to comment,” Omarosa answered.

Asked about another earlier claim she had been interviewed by Robert Mueller, Omarosa similarly clammed up, saying only, “There’s a lot of corruption that went on in the campaign and White House, and I’m going to blow the whistle on all of it.”

White House staffers “should be very worried” about Mueller’s probe, she advised, claiming “they have been hiding things from the American people and are being very dishonest.”

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