Omarosa Releases Recording Of Donald Trump Campaign Staff Discussing Alleged N-Word Use


Omarosa continues her drip-drip release of tape recordings of President Donald Trump and his staff as she plugs her new book, Unhinged, on TV news programs.

This morning, visiting CBS This Morning, she unveiled tape of Trump campaign staffers Katrina Pierson and Lynne Patton talking to her about that rumored tape of Trump using the n-word during Apprentice shooting. In the tape, a voice that sounds like Pierson is heard saying, in re Trump, “he said it…No, he said it. He’s embarrassed.”

Pierson and Patton had fired back in a statement:

No one ever denied the existence of conversations about a reported ‘Apprentice’ tape.

Of course there were multiple discussions about it…because Omarosa was obsessed with it.

What has been definitively refuted is that we never had a call confirming that Frank Luntz, or anyone else, directly heard Donald J. Trump use derogatory language on this alleged tape.

To the country, we clearly confirm the fact that President Trump denied ever using such derogatory language. Finally, none of this changes the fact that Omarosa told multiple high-level campaign & administration officials that she first heard the alleged audio tape last December.”

Meanwhile, CBS This Morning host John Dickerson noted Omarosa previously had said, while book-touring, that she taped White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and President Trump when she got fired in order to protect herself. This new recording, he noted, was made on the Trump campaign trail.

“There is this question about your credibility,” Dickerson told Trump’s former White House liaison office communications director and three-time Apprentice competitor. “My father had an expression, ‘We can’t hear you because your actions are speaking more loudly.’ Why are people supposed to pay attention to what you’re saying now, when you are the kind of person who would be taping…calls in the middle of the campaign?”

Omarosa was ready for that one: “Yes, I’m the kind of person who covers her own back…In Trump World, everyone lies. Everyone says one thing one day and changes their story the next day.”

“I wanted to have this documentation,” she said, so that when her credibility was questioned, she’d have proof of her claims.

Dickerson’s fellow CTM host Gayle King, meanwhile, said Omarosa’s slow release of secretly recorded tapes feels like a form of “blackmail.”

“I’m not asking for anything,” Omarosa shot back. “I’m telling my story in Unhinged.

Not coincidentally, Donald Trump this morning tweeted that Omarosa is a “dog” and a “crazed, crying lowlife” who he gave “a break” when he gave her a job at the White House.

“I guess it just didn’t work out,”Trump tweeted, adding, “Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!”

Omarosa mentioned Trump’s morning tweet during her interview on CBS This Morning, as she defended her secret-taping strategy.

“I’ve been in politics 20 years. Everybody lies. I worked in the Clinton administration during the Monica Lewinsky scandal where he first said he never had relations with her. I learned very early on in politics that this is a cutthroat world…You have to look out for yourself.”

She continued to claim, as she revealed Sunday on Meet the Press, that after she “closed” the book, she heard what she described as an audiotape of Trump using the n-word during production on NBC’s Apprentice franchise. On CTM  she acknowledged Trump’s alleged use of the word will not impact his base because, “as we saw with the Access Hollywood tape” their support is “baked in….but it exposes him for the racist he is.”

“I believe truth matters; I believe we should keep truth as a priority…This administration struggles with the truth” she said, saying it prefers to “construct their own reality, deceiving the American people.”

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