Vimeo Latest To Remove InfoWars Content

Alex Jones/InfoWars

UPDATED with details of a coming NBC Nightly News interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: The video streaming site Vimeo is the latest platform to remove content from far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his media organization InfoWars, following similar moves by the likes of Facebook, Apple and Spotify.

The news comes after Jones uploaded more than 50 videos onto Vimeo’s platform on Thursday and Friday, seeking to find a home for its content. The InfoWars videos were removed Sunday citing violations of the company’s terms of service, which prohibit discriminatory and hateful content.

“Vimeo has notified the account owner and issued a refund, as we do not want to profit from content of this nature in any way,” a company spokesperson said in a statement to Deadline.

Twitter remains one of the only major social media sites to host InfoWars content, which sites claim violate their guidelines for hate speech and offensive content, and for Jones’ controversial claims that often prove false.

On August 7, Jones, speaking on the Real.Video platform, took issue with his bans, which he called a “concerted plan to erase my electronic identity.” He called mainstream media “engines of censorship.”

He also weighed in today on Twitter on Vimeo’s move.

Twitter and its CEO Jack Dorsey have conceded Jones and InfoWars has violated the company’s rules; recent Jones tweets found to have not met standards were deleted by InfoWars staff, according to Jones, as a way to “take the super high road.”

Dorsey will talk with NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt about InfoWars in an interview scheduled to air Wednesday night.

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