Samantha Bee Lobbies TV Academy To Let Her Introduce Emmys’ In Memoriam Reel

Samantha Bee

“Hello The Emmys, I know you must be sick of all those FYC ads everyone is running, and I don’t blame you!” Bee begins, ingratiatingly, in her new FYC video.

“This is not one of those!” she insists, adding, “All I want this year is to present.”

“Not asking to host – that would be crazy!” TBS’ Full Frontal host assures.

“I mean what if I got my period during the third hour of the show and I just went nuts and invited Vladimir Putin to a secret meeting at my Big White House,” she continues, checking the Donald Trump snark box.

Bee and Full Frontal made headlines at this year’s noms announcement when she again got put into the running for Best Variety Talk Series, despite the storm over an episode in which he referred to Ivanka Trump as a “feckless c**t.” Bee had gone after Ivanka for staying mum on Dad’s baby-snatching border policy, despite promising to champion children from her White House position. Bee subsequently apologized for the word choice.

“All I want is one or two minutes to talk on the stage, with a celebrity of equal or greater value, look down the barrel of the prompter and say whatever it is you tell me to,” Bee says in this morning’s video message. “I’m so versatile I can do anything! You want me to introduce the In Memorial reel? I will crush it!”

Then she demonstrates why she would be perfect for that particular In-Memoriam gig, though TV Academy may feel otherwise:

Tonight we honor the men we lost, who made television the indelible and respected art form it is. And, the women who worked harder, made way less money and were still pissed off about it when they died.

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