Twitter Won’t Ban InfoWars Or Alex Jones Despite Violations Of Its Terms

Alex Jones
Associated Press

Twitter is refusing to ban Alex Jones and his InfoWars account, even though the service concedes he has violated the company’s rules.

A Twitter spokesperson said the company investigated a report by CNN that InfoWars and Jones tweets violated its terms of service, and found seven tweets that were not within regulations. The tweets were deleted by the InfoWars staff, according to Jones, as a way to “take the super high road.”  He did, however, contend that the tweets were not violations of Twitter rules.

InfoWars and Jones have been under fire over the last few weeks. They have been removed by Facebook, YouTube and even the MailChimp email service for alleged violations. Jones has since resurfaced on Real.Video, a video site that promotes free speech. He blamed Chinese Communists for his ban in a video statement.

Jones is not out of the woods yet with Twitter. The Twitter spokesperson told CNN that future actions could use some of the removed tweets as evidence if action is required.  The specific tweets that allegedly violated the rules were not revealed.
“We will continue to review any content that is flagged to us and take action as appropriate,” the Twitter spokesperson said.

CNN reported that InfoWars’ and Jones’ Twitter accounts published content that attacked religion and gender identities, harassed individuals, glorified violence and promoted conspiracy theories.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said previously that Jones and InfoWars had not “violated our rules.” He had vowed, “We’ll enforce if he does.”


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