Stephen Colbert Still Mining Donald Trump’s Collusion Tweet-fession On ‘Late Show’


Stephen Colbert isn’t ready to let go of President Donald Trump’s tweeted “confession” about campaign colluding with Russia during the presidential election.

“The President is still dealing with the fallout from his disastrous Twitter confession that this campaign colluded with Russians in Trump Tower, when he admitted the meeting was about getting dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russians,” Colbert told his Late Show crowd tonight.

“Which, I know, is only a crime if you enforce the laws of the United States,” he snarked.

Trump lawyers reportedly were not happy about this confession, and now the president is being urged to stop tweeting on the Trump Tower meeting, Colbert updated his viewers.

“Little late,” Colbert quipped, adding, “That’s like saying ‘I’ve got to warn President Lincoln. You know, it can wait until after the play.‘”

The gag died in the theater. “Too soon?” Colbert asked, though that may not have been the gag’s flaw.

“Yeah, too soon,” Late Show’s Stay Human leader Jon Batiste scowled.

Even Trump allies are worried about the impact of the tweet-storm. Like the conservative columnist who took to Fox News Channel to express his concern for Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, saying he was sure Rudy was spending big chunks of his days chain-smoking cigarettes, white knuckling it as he waited for the next Trump tweet.

“If his knuckles were any other color, Trump would not have hired him,” Colbert said. When that gag also elicited groans, Colbert again went into “Really?” mode. “Am I breaking that news?” he asked.

Shortly after that FNC segment aired,  Giuliani tweeted angrily, “There is a moron on Fox claiming I chain-smoke cigarettes worrying about the President’s tweets. Don’t smoke cigarettes.”

Responded Colbert, salvaging the bit, “Sir, you had me at, ‘There is a moron on Fox’.”

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