‘In Search Of Greatness’: AOS Sets Release Date For Gabe Polsky Sports Docu


EXCLUSIVE: If you’re looking for greatness, then you might want to watch Gabe Polsky’s upcoming sports documentary In Search of Greatness. The film, which marks the first project for the sports-oriented distribution company AOS (Art of Sport), has scored a Nov. 2 release

Polsky, who recently served as EP of NatGeo’s Genius and is known for his American-Russian hockey doc Red Army, brings us another sports story with In Search of Greatness. The film examines the importance of creativity in athletic ability as well as the discussion of nature versus nurture and the roles they play. Polsky interviews iconic athletes Wayne GretzkyJerry Rice, and Pele and features Serena & Venus Williams as well as the legend Ali.

“These icons’ trajectories prove that mastery cannot be manufactured,” Polsky tells Deadline. “That the systems meant to cultivate us often stifle us instead, discouraging qualities that typically define those who leave a mark on the world: imagination, instinct and individuality.”

He continues, “In a culture at risk of losing its soul to systems of all varieties, these ideas seem more vital than ever. How can a society so obsessed with success fail to understand its essence? Too many coaches, teachers and CEOs misunderstand what makes a person thrive. They can’t see when the next Mozart stands before them.”

Starting Nov. 2, In Search of Greatness will open in 12 major markets in the U.S. and Canada. AOS plans on expanding to more theaters in mid-November.

Polsky and producer Sean Carey, backed by a group of investors, are leading this new venture with a veteran theatrical distribution team including Jim Amos of Scout53, formerly President of Distribution for Sony Pictures. IMG Films co-financed and produced the film.

Watch the trailer for In Search of Greatness above.

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