Howard Stern Calls Old Foe Les Moonves “A Shark”

Howard Stern

Sirius radio host Howard Stern isn’t letting bygones be bygones with CBS chief Les Moonves. “Les is such a snake,” Stern said in 2001 and re-played his radio program yesterday. “He’s a snake in the grass. I hate him. I always have.”

And in case anyone thinks Stern might have softened since 2001, he said yesterday Moonves is “a shark.”

That won’t come as any surprise to viewers of David Letterman’s old CBS show, where Stern once where an “I Hate Les Moonves” t-shirt and mocked Letterman about his friendship with Moonves.

Stern’s hard feelings go back at least to 2001 but worsened when he was sued by CBS in 2006 for breach of contract stemming from Stern’s ship-jump to Sirius the year before.

On the show yesterday, Stern said Moonves “tried to ruin my life” and likened the CBS exec to Tony Soprano and “a cold barracuda.”

Moonves was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women in a New Yorker expose last month.

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