Neo-Nazi Doc & Syrian Refugee Film Lead International News & Current Affairs Emmy Nominations

Fuuse Films

Muslim filmmaker Deeyah Khan’s journey to meet US neo-Nazis and attend America’s biggest far-right rally in recent years is among the nominees to scoop and International News and Current Affairs Emmy.

The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has revealed the eight nominees in the two categories, which will be awarded in New York on October 1 at Jazz at Lincoln Center. The International Emmy winners will be recognized alongside their American news and documentary peers.

Khan’s film White Right:  Meeting the Enemy, produced by Fuuse Films for ITV, is nominated alongside Children of Maria da Penha, a news special about children of victims of domestic violence from Brazil’s Globo, Menschenschmuggler – Das Geschäft mit den Flüchtlingen, the story of human smugglers for Denmark’s Dr and Germany’s ZDF and refugee story Off the Grid – Silent Death on a Syrian Journey for Turkey’s TRT World in the Current Affairs category.

Meanwhile, Globo has also picked up a nomination for its Alcacuz prison riot in the news category alongside Al Jazeera English’s Qatar Crisis Special, Sky News’ report on the Rohingya Crisis and a report on the operation in Mosul that killed thousands of civilians for Russia’s RT.

“Historically we congratulate our nominees for their persistence and bravery in covering stories, and now we realize we also have to congratulate them for standing up to governments who would severely restrict what they report or put them out of business entirely.” said Bruce Paisner, President & CEO of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. “You only have to look at the list of nominees to see all the problems in the world and how badly we need broadcast journalists to uncover misbehavior and raise awareness.”

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