Dick Wolf Prefers Broadcast Over Streaming, Has No Plans Of Slowing Down – TCA


He is 71-year-old, has five drama series on the air (in addition to 3 cable docuseries), but Dick Wolf has no intention of taking a step back.

“My appetite of expansion is not diminished,” he said during the TCA panel for his latest series, the upcoming FBI on CBS.

So far, all of Wolf’s scripted series — and it’s been dozens of them over the years, including the Law & Order and Chicago franchises on NBC — have been on broadcast TV. And he has no desire of changing that.

“I consider myself a broadcast television supplier,” Wolf said on stage. It sounded like a badge of honor at a time when top producers are leaving broadcast TV in droves to go to streaming, including ABC’s Shonda Rhimes who made a big deal at Netflix.

 “I have nothing against the concept of streaming but the math is a little daunting,” Wolf explained. He said that he prefers doing 22-24 episodes a season, the norm on broadcast, “because it’s almost as much work to do 8,” a common season length for an SVOD series.

Following the session, he told Deadline that he doesn’t think doing a streaming show is worse than doing one for broadcast.

“If I had the right show for a streamer, I’d be happy to do it there,” he said. “There is no bias against it, I just love doing more episodes.”

There are no current ideas in development at his company being eyed for digital platforms but “there are a lot of activities in the existing shows,” he told Deadline.

In another sign that he is not planning to slow down, Wolf said that he plans to pitch new broadcast series this season, both new ideas and extensions of his current franchises.

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