Morgan Fallon: Anthony Bourdain “Taught Us To Be Curious, Open, Empathetic” – TCA Awards

Travel Channel

Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown director/producer Morgan Fallon accepted his TCA Award for Best News and Information program.

“I spent nine years traveling with Tony, directing, shooting and producing Parts Unknown. It was the greatest gift of my career,” he began.

He thanked the critics for honoring Bourdain and the popular CNN series, assuring them “It means a lot to us, especially right now.” Bourdain died of suicide in June, while working on an episode of the CNN series.

“At the core of what I think he did, and what I hoped we helped him do, was walk through any door, sit at any table with the same humility and respect, no matter who he was sitting across from,” Fallon said.

“We need that more now than ever before. It’s a tremendous loss. He taught us to be curious, open an empathetic. And we will all miss him greatly.”

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