Stephen Colbert Celebrates DOJ Arrest Of Hackers On Eve Of Midterm Elections


America has been worried, except POTUS,a bout the whole Russian hacking of the last election “thing,” Stephen Colbert says at top of Late Show. “But National Intelligence Director Dan Coats says we should be more concerned about the upcoming midterms, because our digital infrastructure is literally under attack!” he warned.

There is, however, good cyber security news: the Department of Justice has just arrested some hackers, Colbert enthused.

Unfortunately, they’re fast-food hackers, not election-focused.

“Specifically they’ve arrested hackers in the massive Chipolte, Arby’s and Chili’ hacks! Gotcha!” Colbert revealed.

The three men arrested were part of the group known as Fin7, credited with stealing more than 15M credit card numbers from over 3,600 fast-food locations. On Wednesday, DOJ announced the arrest.

“No surprise, the men are all Ukrainian nationals. Again with the Ukrainians! Why are Eastern Europeans always trying to destroy us?” Colbert raved, guessing it’s because they tasted Arby’s menu.

“We’re sorry!” he promised:


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