AMC Networks Puts All 10 Episodes Of ‘Lodge 49’ On AMC Premiere


In the latest sign of networks being willing to experiment with new forms of distribution, AMC Networks will make all 10 episodes of the new AMC series Lodge 49 available on its ad-free service AMC Premiere.

The drama (check out a review HERE by Deadline’s Dominic Patten) stars Wyatt Russell and is executive produced by Paul Giamatti and Jim Gavin.

AMC Premiere customers will be able to see all 10 episodes of Lodge 49, as of its linear premiere on AMC on August 6. AMC Premiere is available as an upgrade option for Comcast Xfinity and YouTube TV subscribers for an additional $4.99 per month.

Past AMC shows The Terror and McMafia were made available for full-season binges timed to their network TV premieres earlier this year. The company said those moves spurred strong subscriber gains and usage.

Every programmer is in the midst of a historic recalculation of the norms of distribution as the TV ecosystem undergoes tech-fueled evolution. Viewers with ready access to streaming services and online content hubs grow accustomed to on-demand, ad-free options. Earlier today, FX Networks announced that it was widening out its ad-free premium service, FX+, to allow all 90 million FX subscribers to sign up, as opposed to only Xfinity and Cox cable customers. Xfinity itself has been moving to integrate streaming options such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube into its cable environment.

This latest wave of innovation follows a stretch of years when the traditional TV industry’s answer to the bundle dilemma was to promote authenticated “TV Everywhere” apps. Those largely failed to gain traction, in part due to their commercial loads and the simultaneous rise of new subscription services.

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