Jane Seymour Blazes Smoky Trail For Jimmy Kimmel: Pot-Prescribing Dr. Quinn


With remake fever spreading through Hollywood, Jane Seymour’s Dr. Quinn could have just the right tonic: pot. In this buzzy video from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Seymour takes Kimmel’s advice – “Frasier Crane isn’t the only TV doctor from the ’90s who deserves new life” – and runs with it.

“New trails are about to get blazed,” a straight-faced Seymour narrates for the faux-commercial previewing her new reboot Dr. Quinn, Medicinal Marijuana Woman.

Following Kimmel’s introduction (“ABC recently brought back Roseanne and from what I hear that’s going great”), the fake commercial begins with Seymour’s 19th Century doc dispensing wisdom and other goodies to a long-haired stoner settler complaining of back pain, anxiety and cholera. “Soooo much cholera,” he fakes.

From there, Dr. Quinn shows off her huge selection of “Best In The West” weed, including Cornbread Kush, Wyatt Earple Haze, Calamity Mary Jane, Doc’s Holiday, Pineapple Pony Express, to name just a few.

Seymour really goes all in here, playing the joke with a deadly serious face – at least until she take a massive toke, ponders the colors of her eyes and breaks into a big stoned laugh.

The commercial ends with a mention of another upcoming CBS remake, Hash Bridges.

“Thanks to Jane Seymour and apologies to her family,” Kimmel concludes.

Check out the video above.

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