‘Lethal Weapon’: Damon Wayans On Casting Shakeup & “Lighter” Season 3

Lethal Weapon

Right after Fox in May renewed Lethal Weapon with Seann William Scott replacing Clayne Crawford as new co-lead opposite Damon Wayans, the In Living Color alum called out Crawford on Twitter, including.posting a photo of a flyer that said “Clayne Crawford is an emotional terrorist.”

Wayans has largely kept silent on the subject since but at the Fox TV party Thursday night, he was asked to address the events that led to Crawford’s dismissal.

“I wish him the best, I wish him luck,” Wayans said, adding, “Onward and upward.”


Wayans noted that the ouster should not have come as a surprise to Crawford, whose character was shot in the Season 2 finale, a shot that has become fatal to accommodate writing off his character. “I know that he was involved in all the writing, he knew he was being shot, and he was very happy with where the show was going,” Wayans said. “He was involved in the process.”

Wayans hinted that he and Scott are getting along far better than he did with Crawford, and that the show is undergoing a tonal change.

“We’re only the first (episode) in but it is definitely a lot lighter in tone, and we are having fun, on and off set. It’s just a lot looser, nobody’s overthinking, just doing and having fun doing,” Wayans said, a reference to Crawford’s involvement in the writing, with him reportedly asking for script changes on some occasions.

Wayans talked about where we find his character Roger Murtaugh at the beginning of Season 3, in the aftermath of Martin Riggs’ (Crawford) death and how he meets Scott’s Wesley Cole.

“Right now Murtaugh is mourning the death of his friend so he is not that happy, silly Murtaugh, but I think what they want to do with the Wesley Cole character is, he is the light that Murtaugh needs to be pulled back from the dark,”  Wayans said.

Cole “is an ex-CIA agent working on the same case, chasing mercenaries, investigating, solving crime together,” Wayans added. “It is love at first crime.” (For more details on the Cole character and how he will be introduced into the show, read Deadline’s interview with Lethal Weapon showrunner Matt Miller)

In Wayans’ series of tweets in May related to Crawford’s on-set behavior, he also said that Crawford has a “file of infractions” and posted a video of himself getting shot in the head by a shrapnel while filming an episode directed by Crawford. That mishap is considered the tipping point in the bad blood between the two .

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