NASA Documentary ‘Above And Beyond’ Launching In Theaters Ahead Of Discovery Premiere


Discovery Channel’s documentary Above and Beyond: NASA’s Journey to Tomorrow will get a limited theatrical release ahead of its October premiere on the cable net. Watch a clip of the film above.

Fathom Events has set screenings for September 29 and October 3, including a special introduction from director-producer-narrator Rory Kennedy. The docu then will have a limited theatrical run in New York and Los Angeles starting October 5 It airs October 13 on Discovery Channel and Science Channel.

The logline: Above and Beyond: NASA’s Journey to Tomorrow shines a spotlight on NASA’s historic accomplishments in space, from the moon landing to Mars exploration to journeys to the outer edges of the solar system and beyond. More than a moving portrait of NASA’s many accomplishments in space, Above and Beyond also sheds light on the agency’s lesser-known area of focus and the vital role NASA has played in measuring the health of our home planet. However, as far as NASA may travel, its gaze has always returned to Earth, monitoring our seas and skies, our ice and sands in an ongoing struggle to meet today’s great challenge: protecting our planet.

“It is thrilling for me to have audiences see this film on the big screen, to showcase the images that NASA has captured over the last 60 years,” said Kennedy, an Oscar nominee for 2014’s Last Days in Vietnam. “My Uncle, President Kennedy, had the foresight to see the importance of NASA and their work. Over the years, the agency has changed not only our vision of the universe, but of our planet, and ourselves.”

Added Fathom Events CEO Ray Nutt: “There are few events as cinematic as space travel,” said, “and the incredible stories of the men and women of NASA depicted in this remarkable documentary are well-deserving of the big screen treatment.”

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