Samantha Bee Enlists Terry Crews For ‘PSA’ On Male Sexual Abuse Jokes – Watch


Male sexual abuse isn’t funny. Full Frontal host Samantha Bee made that message clear on her show Wednesday night, and recruited Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews to help urge the public to take the issue seriously.

“Sexual harassment of men is a real problem and not a joke — despite the way we talk about it,” Bee said. Bee even called out herself for treating the issue of sexual harassment and abuse as a women movement. “Many of the predators in the #MeToo era preyed on men. There are tons of other slimeballs out there, and when we laugh at their victims, we make it easier for them to keep Kevin Spacey-ing all over the place.”

She and Crews then presented a mock PSA tackling the issue with both calling out people who joke about topics like “prison rape” and “boys being molested.”

“Lots of things are funny that aren’t rape jokes.” says Crews. For example, spit takes,” adds Bee. While seated across from each other, Bee says “I’m pregnant,” and Crews spits water in her face. Crews then says “I’m pregnant” and Bee spits water back at him. “You could also joke about off-brand merchandise,” says Crews, “like Milk Dards.”

Crews has been a prominent male presence of the #MeToo movement since coming forward with sexual abuse allegations against WME agent Adam Venit. Cruise testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee in June about his experience as a male victim of sexual misconduct.

Watch the video above.

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