‘Rogue Warfare Trilogy’ With Will Yun Lee Headlining To Be Released In 2019

Richard Shotwell/Shutterstock

Another feature trilogy, The Rogue Warfare Trilogy, financed by Ingenious and sold worldwide by Highland Film Group and 5150 Action Productions is in the midst of production, with stunt coordinator turned director Mike Gunther filming all three movies at the same time. Will Yun Lee is headlining what is a multi-national, special forces action/drama. We now know that the first of these three films will be released in March 2019 and conversations have begun with a major studio for theatrical release around March 2019.

The project was written by Gunther, Andrew Emilio DeCesare and Michael Day. This trilogy is the first 5150 Action Production, completely manifested in house from script to final product. Interestingly, Lee teamed up with his reps Zero Gravity to produce a slate of diverse projects with a focus on Asian American content.

The story takes place in the Middle East. The United States along with the United Kingdom, France, China and Russia have sent their very best solider to form the first international special forces team. Their mission is to seek out and destroy the most advanced terrorist coalition known to date. Lee leads the team through the dangers of special forces operations.

Gunther chose to cast this entire film based off acting ability and raw talent, instead of credit count and was particularly interested in diversity. Essam Ferris (Supreme Leader) and Marwan Naji (Scientist) lead the opposition in this well-crafted action packed trilogy. Others in the mix are Chris Mulkey as Commander Brisco reporting daily back to the U.S. President played by Stephen Lang.

Specifically, Highland Film Group and 5150 Action Productions will handle worldwide sales for The Rogue Warfare Trilogy as well as bringing in Ingenious to provide funding for the project produced by Gunther, DeCesare, Day and Kyle Woods.

Lee is returning this season as a lead on Good Doctor and stars in the voicecast along with Jackie Chan in the Sony animated feature Wishdragon . Gunther is probably best known as a stunt coordinator as he has been one for many years, most recently on Bumblebee, Star Trek: Beyond and Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. He has also directed in television. He is repped by UTA and Myman Greenspan Fox Rosenberg Mobasser Younger & Light.

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