George Takei Invites Us Into His “World” With Social Media Platform TraceMe


EXCLUSIVE: Oh my! Actor and outspoken advocate George Takei has signed on to TraceMe, a mobile platform for celebrities which allows fans to enter their “world.”


TraceMe is a platform that includes exclusive content to engage fans and allows celebrities to have conversations and share moments with their fans. It will also include premium video series that cater to each celebrity and unique experiences created just for fans.

“With TraceMe I will be able to offer original content to my devoted fans that they won’t find anywhere else, in a safe environment that will encourage them to interact with each other and me,” said Takei. “I want to build community around issues that I care about deeply like immigration, racism and LGBTQ equality, so the security and freedom of expression that TraceMe offers is really important to me.”

For Takei, his TraceMe Content Collections will include “The Resistance” which will focus on his fight to oppose Trump and far-right conservative agendas. And considering his Star Trek legacy, he will have a “Sci-Fi” component where nerds and Trekkies (or is it Trekkers?) can wax poetic about geek culture. In addition, his world will include video and pictures from his 2015 Broadway musical Allegiance. “Trending” will focus on current events with George’s commentary. “Oh Myyyy” will highlight hilarious or outrageous material from around the Internet. And “The Takei Files” will include tribute videos to people or ideas that George admires.

The app, which was founded by Super Bowl champ Russell Wilson, is still in its beta phase but has a roster of singers, actors, and athletes that included R&B singer Ciara and New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara.

Based in Seattle, TraceMe is led by CEO Jason LeeKeenan, a former media and technology executive from Hulu and Zulily. TraceMe is the fifth company to be spun and venture funded out of Pioneer Square Labs, a leading start-up studio led by venture capitalist and entrepreneur Greg Gottesman. TraceMe recently raised a $9 mil seed financing led by Madrona Venture Group, along with a number of prominent angel investors including Bezos Expeditions (the personal investment company of Jeff Bezos), Chad Hurley (founder of YouTube), Mike Mahan (President of Dick Clark Productions), and Kenny Dichter (founder of Wheels Up).

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