Late Night Hosts Dig Into Rudy Giuliani For Saying “Collusion Is Not A Crime”

Rudy Giuliani remains the hot topic of late night as he continues to spill words all over the place in his interviews. His most popular tagline of the week seems to be “Collusion is not a crime,” referring to the Michael Cohen tapes and the ongoing investigation of Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia for the 2016 election. Of course, Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert had some things to say about it.

“At some point, everyone who’s close to Trump turns on him,” said Meyers at the beginning of his A Closer Look segment on Late Night. He goes on to talk about how Cohen and Omarosa have been dragging him. But the segment pretty much focused on Giuliani’s attempt to discredit Cohen. In an interview with CNN featured during A Closer Look Giuliani said that Cohen is a “proven liar” and has been “lying all his life.” He goes on to say that Trump doesn’t have a credibility issue like Cohen. Meyers disagreed saying, “He’s a liar whose lawyer is lying about his lying lawyer’s lies.”

Meyers continued to address two Giuliani interviews. One Fox News interview where he said that “collusion is not a crime” and another interview on CNN where he said “The hacking is the crime. And the president didn’t hack.” But all of this wasn’t enough. Giuliani called into Fox News later and backpedaled saying that both collusion and hacking can be a crime — and he claims that Trump did neither.

“Just because Trump didn’t do the hacking, doesn’t mean he’s not complicit of the crime,” said Meyers. “Besides, Trump has been very clear who he thinks did the hacking.”

Meyers then played footage of election debates where Trump said that the hacking could have been done by Russia, China or “a 400-pound guy sitting on his bed in New Jersey.” Watch the video above to see who Meyers thinks Trump was referring to. (Hint: it’s Trump.)

On The Late Show, Colbert pointed to the same CNN interview where Giuliani said he doesn’t know if colluding is a crime.

“You’re his lawyer,” jabbed Colbert. “You’re supposed to know what the law is.”

The host also addressed Giuliani’s statement about Trump not hacking and not paying Russia for hacking. “He didn’t pay them for hacking and I hope he’s not paying you for lawyering,” he said.

Colbert joked that Trump couldn’t do the hacking but then, like Meyers, he referenced the election debates when Trump said the “400-pound guy from New Jersey” could have been the hacker.

“OK, so he could have done it, it’s possible,” Colbert admitted.

Watch the video below.

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