‘The Break With Michelle Wolf’ Discovers Never-Ending Fuel Supply Sitting Untested In Police Crime Labs


Michelle Wolf, playing a corporate type named Cassandra Flex, has an idea for a seemingly endless supply of fuel for cars: The seemingly endless backlog of untested rape kits, sitting ignored in police crime labs across the country.

In a faux car commercial on the Netflix comedy The Break with Michelle Wolf, the head of Flex Industries (Wolf) announces a new auto line, the Backlogger X Series, that uses all those untested kits for fuel. “Just show up at your local P.D. and fill up!,” says Flex. “Trust me, they hate having to store these things.”

Wolf’s Flex explains that the kit-to-fuel transformation is accomplished through “good old-fashioned American ingenuity” and a process known as “blah blah blah.”

Yes, she says, untested rape kits are an epidemic – “an epidemic of good fortune” where “no means yes, free fuel!”

Check out the clip above from the episode now streaming on Netflix.


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