‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ Cruising Toward $80M+ Overseas Opening

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

SATURDAY AM UPDATE: Paramount/Skydance’s Mission: Impossible – Fallout continued overseas rollout on Friday, raising the cume through yesterday to $38.3M including previews. That sets the sixquel on track for a muscular $80M+ opening weekend across 36 markets at the international box office. Should that hold, along with domestic projections of $60M, the global bow is eyeing $140M+.

As we noted in our global preview, anything above the $131.5M opening for 2011’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol would rep a worldwide record start for the Tom Cruise franchise. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation opened internationally to $64.5M in unadjusted dollars.

Overseas, Cruise’s latest action-packed outing as Ethan Hunt is currently running 10% ahead of Rogue Nation on a like-for-like basis (excluding previews). At today’s rates, the 2015 movie finaled with $473.2M offshore including China. Fallout has a big chunk of the world ahead of it and a China date on August 31.

Out in 40% of the overseas footprint, the Christopher McQuarrie-helmed and super-reviewed installment grossed $18.2M on Friday, led by Korea which added $3.7M for a $10M cume through yesterday. Korea is a key Cruise market and, per locally reported estimates, is closing in on $18M through today.

Friday openings included the UK where M:I6 was No. 3 behind Mamma Mia 2’s second Friday and Incredibles 2. The take there was $1.7M at 585 cinemas for $4.1M including previews.

There were No. 1s other markets including India ($1.9M/1,314 sites), Mexico with $1M for $1.8M including previews; the UAE — home to the movie’s HALO jump — with $2M through Friday, and $3.8M in the Middle East region.

In South East Asia, the No. 1s continue with Taiwan ($2.4M including previews); Thailand ($1.1M); Hong Kong ($1.1M); Malaysia ($1M); the Philippines ($978K); and Singapore ($733K).

Elsewhere, Russia has cumed $1.7M and Brazil $1.5M.

The Top 5 markets overall on Rogue Nation were China, Japan, Korea, the UK and France. Three of those have yet to open, and France should be particularly hot this time around given so much of the action takes place there. It also helps that Cruise, at the Paris world premiere, declared the movie a “love letter” to the City of Light.

We’ll have a full weekend update tomorrow.

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: Paramount/Skydance’s Mission: Impossible – Fallout is off to a $15.1M running start at the international box office, including previews. The opening day figure of $11.1M puts the Tom Cruise sixthquel 13% ahead of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, which finaled at $473.2M overseas. The opening day in like-for-likes is the biggest of the franchise for the movie which is bowing amid sterling reviews and great word of mouth.

Through Thursday, the film directed by Christopher McQuarrie was in 25 markets and will add 11 today to put it in 40% of the offshore footprint this weekend. It’s also set a China date for August 31, and has Alibaba Pictures as part of the mix — as did the last film which set Middle Kingdom records at the time.

Before we get there, among the key markets going this weekend are Korea where Cruise is a favorite. The No. 1 start was $2.8M from 1,656 locations and 64% market share. The cume there, including previews, is $6.3M.

In the UAE, where Cruise performed the HALO jump seen in the film, the No. 1 Day One bow was $950K from 53 sites. The total Middle East region has grossed $1.9M. Russia was also a No. 1 opener with $906K from 1,343 sites.

In South East Asia, Indonesia grossed $778K on Thursday at 303 locations, ranking No. 1 with $1.7M including previews; Hong Kong collected $528K at 60 cinemas for No. 1; Malaysia opened on top on Thursday delivering $450K from 152 locations; and Thailand’s No. 1 opening day delivered $434K at 66 sites.

The film is also opening across Latin America with Brazil chiming in at $683K at 624 cinemas on the opening day for No. 1, cume is $910K. The UK and Spain go today.

The previous Mission movies have increased their overseas vs domestic split, with Rogue Nation at a high of 71% from offshore turnstiles. These movies are built for international with far away locales a key feature of the plot. That said, domestic saw great previews on Thursday.

We’ll have more throughout the weekend.

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