MoviePass ‘Impossible-Fallout’: Tom Cruise Pic Blocked On Ticket Service App Following Thursday Night Outage


Hey, MoviePass subscribers: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to try and see Mission: Impossible – Fallout at a big chain theater with your mobile app this weekend.


Following a Thursday night outage in which MoviePass ran out of cash and had to secure a $6.2M loan this morning to cover “merchant and fulfillment processors”, we’re hearing from a number of the movie ticket service’s subscribers online that they can’t specifically purchase Mission: Impossible – Fallout tickets at big chain theaters like AMC, Regal and Cinemark, only at MoviePass partner theaters such as Landmark. The outage only extends to Fallout, and not any holdover pics like Equalizer 2 or Teen Titans Go! To the Movies at big chain theaters. We hear the Fallout block is not just occurring at Los Angeles theaters, but in other markets as well. See all images below from the MoviePass app.  When reached by Deadline, MoviePass and Paramount provided no comment.

A similar MoviePass mishap occurred with Fox’s Jennifer Lawrence spy film Red Sparrow back in March and we heard that the ticket service even shut off theaters during the opening weekend of Disney/Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp. It appears as though MoviePass just shuts down when the most popular movie hits the marquee.

Industry insiders say that the MoviePass outage will not have any negative impact on Mission: Impossible – Fallout‘s ticket sales this weekend.  The sixthquel scored a record $6M Thursday for Tom Cruise and is poised to open between $55M-$60M, potentially the best opening for the franchise. A cold hard truth: MoviePass doesn’t drive a majority of weekend tickets sales for movies.

Another complaint from MoviePass subscribers (oy) online is that the service’s weekend surge pricing is now more than a regular priced ticket at certain theaters.

After a 250-to-1 stock split, MoviePass parent company Helios & Matheson Analytics saw its shares rise to $22.50 from its pennies worth, but since then, HMNY is now down to $2.79, -60% today as of 9:49AM PST.

Says one distribution boss this morning, “It will be a miracle if MoviePass is in business by the end of next week.”

MoviePass posted on social and in its app that “We are presently experiencing some technical issues with our card-based check-in process and we are diligently working to resolve the issue. In the interim, e-ticketing is working. We apologize for your inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we resolve this issue. This message will be updated once the issue is resolved.”

Check out images of the Mission: Impossible – Fallout blackout on MoviePass below for big chain theaters and its avail at the Landmark:


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