John Cleese’s “Greatest Accomplishment” Is Upcoming Cannibal Comedy ‘Yummy’ – TCA

Hold The Sunset

“For the first time in my life I’m playing myself,” John Cleese said, via satellite, of his starring role in BritBox’s new comedy series Hold the Sunset.

Cleese plays the love interest of widow Edith (Alison Steadman), whose retirement plans derail when her son leaves his wife and job and moves back in with Mom.

Cleese’s character is a sort of no-filters guy, as is Cleese. “The closer you get to death the more you don’t give a f*ck,” Cleese advised TV critics at TCA on Thursday during the show’s panel.

Speaking of not giving a f*ck, Cleese’s answers to the beauty-pageant questions he got asked during the Hold the Sunset Q&A:

His greatest personal and professional accomplishments?

“My greatest professional accomplishment s will be a movie I’m writing now, a light comedy about cannibalism. It’s called Yummy.”

“My greatest personal accomplishment is to have established a really good relationship with our cats.”

Where does his humor comes from?

“A little man in Cardiff. He sends it to me. He’s just wonderfully funny… He told me recently they’re not his ideas. He gets them from a lady in Swindon.”

“Can I go now?” Cleese was heard asking as the satellite hookup ended.

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