Valerie Jarrett On ‘The View’: “Roseanne Who?”

ABC via Twitter

As Roseanne Barr prepares for her interview with Sean Hannity on Thursday, Valerie Jarrett — the former adviser to President Obama who Barr called out in a racist tweet that got her fired by ABC — was on The View today and had some advice for potential viewers: “I think there are just so many issues that are more important. I won’t be watching, and I hope you all won’t be watching either.”

Jarrett was on ABC’s daytime talker to promote her new book and was asked plenty of questions about politics and current events, but the first thing co-host Whoopi Goldberg said at the start of the segment was: “Everybody of course remembers Roseanne’s crazy tweet about you back in May … and last week Roseanne posted a video on YouTube that tried to explain what she actually meant.” After they showed the nutty clip, Joy Behar said, “Poor Roseanne — she’s really losin’ it. … This girl’s having a nervous breakdown.” Goldberg turned to the audience and asked, “Does this clear anyhing up for anybody?” Behar then turned to Jarrett and asked, “How did you feel about this?”

In a fun TV moment that got a huge laughs and applause, Jarrett replied, “Roseanne who?”


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