Netflix Gives Profile Icons A “Fun Makeover” With New Photo Options

As it continues to deepen its well of original programming, Netflix is showcasing it on its virtual front door.

The streaming service is rolling out an update of its profiles, which greet subscribers when they log in and help organize the experience of different viewers connected with the same account. The aim is to make the icons more personalized and also to promote the streaming service’s originals.

In a blog post, product innovation director Cathy Conk described the “fun makeover” of the profile icons, which were first introduced in 2013. Viewers will still be able to opt for the basic emoji-like drawings associated with their accounts, though the drawn icons have also gotten a facelift.

Subscribers will now also be able to use photos of characters from Netflix shows. Two of the ones mentioned by Conk in the announcement are the title character from Marvel’s Luke Cage and Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black. (Of course, not every one of the hundreds of series that have flooded the platform is included.)

“We know the series and movies on Netflix are more than just things you watch to pass the time,” Conk wrote. “The stories — and the characters in them —are also your heroes, frenemies, soulmates and everything in between. We’re thrilled to give you a way to show your fandom and make your connection with Netflix more unique.”

Each Netflix account can have up to five profiles linked with it, and the idea is that the discovery algorithms in the user interface can become more attuned to each of those five users.

Conk said the new photos will be available in the coming weeks.

Below is a look at the changes to some of the drawn icons, including a ranking of their popularity among subscribers.

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