Georgia Congressman Pranked By Sacha Baron Cohen To Resign After Backlash


Jason Spencer, the Georgia state lawmaker who dropped his pants and screamed the “n-word” on the Sunday episode of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Showtime series Who Is America?, has announced his resignation effective July 31.

That is change of stance for the disgraced politician who yesterday insisted that he would serve out the remaining five months of his term. The resignation comes after 48 hours of relentless mocking and calls for Spencer to step down.

Spencer’s pending exit was revealed in a letter he has submitted to Georgia House Speaker David Ralston who had previously called Spencer’s actions and language “reprehensible.”

On Who Is America?, Spencer was part of a skit featuring Cohen as a character named Col. Erran Morad, an anti-terrorism expert. In addition to supposedly learning anti-terrorism techniques, the two discussed Spencer’s support of a burqa ban.

In the now-viral episode, Spencer can be seen charging towards Cohen, bare butt-first, in an exercise designed to frighten off potential homophobic Islamic terrorist kidnappers.

Cohen/Morad also convinced Spencer – with no arm-twisting – to shout the “N-word” as a way of drawing attention during a kidnapping.

Spencer’s actions drew immediate condemnation, and as evidenced by The View earlier this week, uniting even the unlikeliest side-takers. Meghan McCain called Cohen “a genius” who exposes the “lowest common denominators,” while Joy Behar noted that Spencer seemed to enjoy yelling out the N-word.

In a statement to the Washington Post, Spencer initially had attempted to explain away his actions as resulting from fear, following death threats he and his family had received over legislation he had introduced.

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