CBS Studios International To Tap Parrot Analytics’ Global Audience Insights

Parrot Analytics

CBS Studios International will join a growing number of entertainment companies that use Parrot Analytics’ data to glean insights into demand for its shows around the world.

The studio will pay a subscription fee to tap into the firm’s data platform to evaluate country by country consumer interest in a show like Star Trek: Discovery.

Parrot Analytics uses a a metric called “demand expressions” to quantify the intensity of interest in a TV show. It’s derived from all the ways consumers express themselves — via Tweets or Facebook posts, through internet searches or even streaming it on sites like Popcorn Time.

This measurement provides another tool for studios, networks and platforms looking to understand audiences and make informed decisions about distribution, said Parrot Analytics CEO Wared Seger CEO, Parrot Analytics.

“Obviously the team at CBS Studios International has done some amazing work with amazing content. They’re one of the leading content providers around the world and we’re excited to work with them,” Seger said in an interview with Deadline.

Barry Chamberlain, president of sales at CBS Studios International, issued a statement saying that, “as global media consumption evolves, it’s important to use advanced analytics to better understand how audiences are reacting to our programming.”

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