‘Mayans M.C.’ Will Intersect With ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Eventually, Kurt Sutter Says – Comic-Con


Mayans M.C. isn’t closing Comic-Con 2018. But the upcoming Kurt Sutter co-created FX series sure rolled into Hall H hard, like they were the headliners today.

Fueling some of that was Sutter’s declaration that the shared world of the new show and its Sons of Anarchy mother ride of sorts will meet, eventually.

“Right now, there is no intersecting stories. But Sons is a big world,” Sutter said of the 2014 ending, Charlie Hunnam-led show, adding he didn’t “want to fuck with” the original show or fans. “We’ll see those points of intersection this season and throughout the series as well,” he said, noting the shows do exist in the same world, have a “relationship,” and that the SoCal-set Mayans starts a little bit after SOA’s finale.

“I want to acknowledge that world and find opportunities to circle that, but I don’t want to abuse it,” Sutter noted of the clearly highly desired crossover, if the SDCC response is any indication. “For now, keep it sacred.”

“Season 4, everything is up for grabs,” he then joked.

Hitting the stage he has walked many times before with SOA and last with Bastard Executioner in 2015, Elgin James and EP/director Norberto Barba joined Sutter. Led by SOA alum Emilio Rivera and newbie J. D. Pardo, a loudly cheered Edward James Olmos, cast members Clayton Cardenas, Sarah Bolger, Michael Irby, Carla Baratta, Antonio Jaramillo, Raoul Max Trujillo, Richard Cabral, Danny Pino, Frankie Loyal, Joseph Lucero, and Vincent “Rocco” Vargas were also there for the admittedly sprawling shindig.

“A lot of us have been in prison,” a Motorhead t-shirt wearing Mayans co-creator James told the crowd, “and a lot of us have spent a lot of our life in gangs.” Addressing the diversify of the Latino biker series on a multiple of levels, James added, “we finally get to tell our own story.”

Playfully referring to the assembled series team as “dirty motherfuckers,” Sutter reminisced that Mayans and coming back to SDCC took some time because he wanted to put space between the 2014 end of SOA and the one-season Bastard Executioner before hitting the road with M.C.

Like James, Sutter struck the real life chord as a foundation for the show.

“It’s not like I began my casting process in county,” The Shield EP asserted to the thousands in the venue. “But a lot of these actors come from the life, and that authenticity is important to me.

“Quite selfishly, the energy of those men and women who know that they should be somewhere else and have been given the opportunity for a second chance, you can’t bottle that,” he noted. “It’s magic on set. Everyone’s there to do the work.”

Olmos summed it up best when he said, “I came to the right house” of the patriarchal role at this point in his vaulted career.

The second-to-last panel of SDCC, Mayans M.C. kicked off by showing the Sutterheads and other fans nearly 15 minutes of the pilot of the September 4 debuting series. With a run to Vegas by the crew that doesn’t go to plan, Olmos and his on-air son, Pardo, as the new prospect, the footage hit a groove familiar to fans of Sons Of Anarchy but with a tone all its own, too. This is the second significant look that Mayans has put out there in recent days, with an official trailer for the 10-episode first season dropping on July 19. Today’s panel ended with Hall H getting to see that trailer on the big screen.

Comic-Con 2018 closes out this afternoon after more from FX.

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