Jeanine Pirro Thanks Whoopi Goldberg For Making Her Book No. 1 On Bestseller List


As expected, Judge Jeanine Pirro wasted no time responding to her heated showdown with Whoopi Goldberg on The View Thursday. At the top of her Fox News show Justice on Saturday, Pirro sarcastically thanked Goldberg for helping her book make it to No. 1 on the bestseller list. “I much preferred you (Goldberg) in the movie Ghost than on The View,” Pirro snarked. (It was a reply to Goldberg’s earlier statement to Pirro, in which Goldberg said “Jeanine, good luck with your book. I hear it’s No. 1. I preferred your last book about Robert Durst.”)

Pirro continued,”Everyone has the right to speak, but when you can’t even listen to what someone has to say because you despise the man who is President, you undermine not the President of the United States, you undermine the United States.”

She also told viewers she has known Goldberg “for years, and up until this week, our relationship has always been friendly.”

“Furthermore,” she added, “I’ve been a guest on The View many times… and have always been treated with respect.”

“And to Whoopi,” Pirro says, “I accept that you and I have different versions of what happened on Thursday both on and off the air and that we have completely different takes on President Trump and the job he’s doing.”

Pirro then said she wanted to close the book on the entire incident and move on.

Earlier this week, Pirro said she was ejected from the building “like a dog” following the heated exchange with Goldberg on The View. 

Goldberg agreed with Pirro that Goldberg responded with “some few choice words I cannot repeat” on TV.

“But I did not spit on her, I did not intimidate her; no one chased her out of here saying ‘get out of here’,” as Pirro has reported, Goldberg insisted at the time.

You can watch Pirro’s statement in the clip below.

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