‘The Tick’ Team Teases Season 2, With New Villains And Old Friends – Comic-Con

By Patrick Hipes, Amanda N'Duka

The Tick

Amazon gave fans a taste of the upcoming Season 2 of its superhero comedy The Tick on Friday during the studio’s presentation at Comic-Con. It’s too far away for a release date though — the series was greenlighted for a 10-episode second season back in January, with a 2019 premiere date still to come.

On the panel, creator Ben Edlund showed off a behind-the-scenes video featuring Peter Serafinowicz (who plays The Tick) and Griffin Newman (who plays as Arthur Dent) who divulged that the AEGIS superhero agency from the original comics would be a big part of Season 2, along with hints that some superheroes from the original IP wil be involved.

“We’re bringing in new characters like a┬ásuper villain bank robber,” Edlund told the Ballroom 20 crowd. “Also some characters who have appeared in the comic and cartoons will be added to the series — just expanding the world has been our goal, just build out more heroes.”

The first season of The Tick introduced a world where superheroes and villains have been real for decades. Arthur, an unassuming accountant with no superpowers, becomes embroiled in the middle of the battle between good and evil. When he realizes that his city is owned by a global supervillain who was long thought to be dead, he struggles to uncover the conspiracy. As he becomes obsessed with the conspiracy, most people think he’s crazy. One person who believes Arthur is a mysterious new ally, The Tick, who is a bizarre blue superhero who may just be a figment of Arthur’s imagination.

Season 2 will be executive produced by Edlund, Barry Josephson and Barry Sonnenfeld and is co-executive produced by Kit Boss.

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