Michelle Wolf Stars As DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen In “ICE IS” Recruitment Video For Netflix’s ‘The Break’


For her most controversial The Break segment yet, Michelle Wolf stars as Department Of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in a recruitment video for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. The recruitment video is called “What ICE IS”  – which, when you say it fast enough, often enough, sounds remarkably like “ISIS.” No, it’s not subtle. [WATCH BELOW]

“Are you worried about your country? Do you feel like your land is being invaded by foreign intruders? Is your way of life under attack and are you ready to do something?” Voiceover Guy asks in the new video, which launches Sunday via Netflix.

“There is no better representation of American values than ICE IS,” Nielen/Wolf enthuses as she enters the shot, dressed in Chanel-ish jacket and pearls. She says ICE IS an “equal opportunity employer accepting from all levels of experience and education, from low to very low, and actively welcomes those with diagnosed anger issues.”

One agent says: “I wanted to join the regular police but they wouldn’t take someone who was already under arrest.”

Adds another, “Animal control said nope.”

Yet another reports being kicked out of his Neighborhood Watch “because I threw a microwave at a kid.”

Interjects Wolf/Nielsen: “And we love that! Join us today and you too can tell your ‘ICE IS’ story.”

ICE IS waging a war for everything that is holy in this country, boasts one recruit, adding, “I guess you could call it a Holy War.”

“ICE IS guaranteeing my ticket to heaven,” adds another, parroting an ISIS pitch.

“Take it from me; no organization is better than ICE IS,” Wolf/Nielsen says, still in her prim Chanel-with-pearls ensemble, now accessorized with an automatic weapon.

“Apply now you sick f*cks,” the video directs viewers, as Wolf/Nielsen and recruits stand waving large black-and-white flags, shooting their weapons into the air.

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