‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Cast & Creators On Season 6, LGBTQ Representation, & An ‘SVU’ Crossover? – Comic-Con

The canceled and then quickly renewed Brooklyn Nine-Nine busted into San Diego Comic-Con like a drug raid, and it was probably the rowdiest and most fan-driven panel on the first day of the confab — or, as the kids say, it was “lit AF.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The crowd erupted with off-the-charts applause as show creators Luke Del Tredici and Dan Goor were joined on the stage by stars Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, Terry Crews, Stephanie Beatriz, Joe Lo Truglio, Chelsea Peretti, Dirk Blocker, and Joel McKinnon Keller. Unfortunately, Andre Braugher was not in attendance, to which Samberg joked that he sent a message and said that “he couldn’t care less.”

As many of you know, the Nine-Nine was canceled at Fox and then picked up by NBC after its enormous legion of fans — many of whom were in the Indigo Ballroom tonight — came through on Twitter in a campaign to bring it back. The cast told stories of their journey of being canceled and renewed, while Goor talked about getting the call about the NBC renewal, at which point he texted and called anyone and everyone on his phone, including ex-girlfriends.

The new season hasn’t begun filming yet, but Goor said that the writers’ room is up and they are five weeks into pre-production. He gave us nuggets of information — mainly about Scully & Hitchcock. He said we will get to see them in the past and finally get the answer to the question: Is Kelly Scully’s dog or wife?

Although the panel was wildly fun, as they clearly showed a familial bond and included an ongoing “sex tape” joke, things turned to Beatriz’s character, Rosa, who came out as bisexual last season. Goor said that it was the first time that happened on a network show, and how it was very important to have Beatriz involved in the episode where she falls for Gina Rodriguez’s character.

“It just so happens the person playing the bi character is bi,” said Beatriz. “I was very thrilled to have a voice in that story line. It reflects what is a reality in my own life.”

Goor, Del Tredici, and the rest of the cast are advocates for inclusion and proper representation of any and everyone from all walks of life on the show. But they are very mindful of what they include. At one point during the Q&A with the audience, Beatriz and Fumero got emotional, as a tearful fan thanked them for representing the Latinx and LGBTQ community.

Samberg says that when they introduce a member from a marginalized community, they “do not want to make a joke of it and give it proper respect.”

As the panel came to a close, the panel showed gratitude to the fans for saving the show, and now that they are on NBC, they hoped that they can get some crossover action with one of their sister shows — like Law & Order: SVU. 

Goor points out that he has it on good authority that they have the best holiday parties. “It would be a sex crimes party!” he joked.

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