POTUS Goes Twitter Bonkers: “Trump Recognized Russian Meddling MANY TIMES”

Donald Trump
Associated Press

Donald Trump’s morning tweet-tantrum was particularly wild today, an apparently violent reaction to his administration’s Contraction-gate clean-up.

Fake News Media is going Crazy! They make up stories without any backup, sources or proof. Many of the stories written about me, and the good people surrounding me, are total fiction. Problem is, when you complain you just give them more publicity. But I’ll complain anyway!”

“Fake News Media wants so badly to see a major confrontation with Russia, even a confrontation that could lead to war. They are pushing to recklessly hard and hate the fact that I’ll probably have a good relationship with Putin,” he continued.

Then he thanked his pals at Fox & Friends for showing clips in which “Trump recognized Russian Meddling MANY TIMES,” but seemed not to notice several of those clips showed him adding that the tampering could just as likely been perpetrated by other countries.

“The Summit with Russia was a great success, except with the real enemy of the people, the Fake News Media,” Trump said, adding that he looks forward to his “second meeting” with Putin “so that we can start implementing some of the many things discussed,” he said.

POTUS appears still to be stewing over that scripted statement he was given to read the morning after his Helsinki presser, insisting that when he said at the Helsinki presser he did not see any reason to think Russia WOULD interfere in our election, throwing his intel officers under the bus, he had meant to say he did not see any reason to think Russia WOULDN’T interfere in our election.

Here are Trump’s morning tweets on the topic:


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