Donald Trump Gooses Tucker Carlson Ratings But Sean Hannity Still On Top

Fox News Channel

Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Channel primetime program enjoyed a slight uptick with President Donald Trump on Tuesday night, clocking 2.8 million viewers, 584K of them in the news demo. Carlson’s averaging 2.6M viewers, 540K in the demo.

Carlson handily beat his timeslot competitors, CNN’s Anderson Cooper (1.3M, 445K) and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes (1.9M, 419K).

But Trump got trounced by FNC’s Sean Hannity (3.368M, 685K). POTUS also got edged out by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow (2.752M, 559K). And, in the demo, FNC”s Laura Ingraham (2.654M, 544K) also squeaked ahead of Trump/Tucker in the demo.

Carlson made headlines with his interview, asking why his son should go to NATO member Montenegro, which joined last year to defend it from an attack.

“I understand what you’re saying,” Trump shot back. I asked the same questions!” he added a if NATO’s collective security agreement should be conditional; the former Yugoslavian republic was admitted during his administration.

“Montenegro is a tiny country, with very strong people,” Trump continued. “By the way…they’re very aggressive people. They may get aggressive and, congratulations…World War III.”

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