Trevor Noah Compares Donald Trump’s Helsinki Do-Over To When He Praised Charlottesville Nazis

Comedy Central

After Trump threw America under the Russian bus in Helsinki, “everyone lost their shit,” Trevor Noah told viewers, describing this morning. Trump is no stranger to criticism but this time even his closest allies, including Newt Gingrich, called it his most serious “mistake,” which is saying a lot and insisted he “clarify.”

“So, just like after Trump praised the Charlottesville Nazis, today Trump was forced to come out and pretend to believe something different than what he said,” Noah described.

POTUS held a press opportunity in the White House in the afternoon to say he has “full faith in our intelligence agencies.” At which point, as Noah showed on video, the lights went out in the White House. Trump responded, “Oops, they turned off our lights. That must be the intelligence agencies.”

“It’s like even electricity is tired of Trumps’ bullshit,” Noah speculated. “I wouldn’t be shocked if one day Trump starts floating because gravity says, ‘Enough of this. I’m out!'”

Now insisting he has full confidence in U.S. intelligence agencies who say Russia meddled in the 2016 election, Trump could not resist it could also be someone else, because there are a lot of people out there, throwing U.S. intel operations under the bus – again.

In his walk-back, Trump told reporters the key sentence came when he told reporters at the Helsinki presser that Putin denied to him that Russia was involved in election meddling adding that he did not see any reason why Russia would.

He should have said, “wouldn’t.”

At today’s do-over, Trump told reporters to add in “wouldn’t” to clarify everything.

“You know what? That makes sense. I believe Trump on this,” Noah said. Then he clarified: “Sorry, what I meant to say was ‘Get the fuck out of here, man!'”

The president and his team had 24 hours to come up with the reason why Trump took Russia’s side against America and that’s the best they could come up with?!” Noah marveled.

The “ballsiest part” was Trump glibly joking his new sentence is a “double negative.”

“Yes, you’re right, Mr. President. It was a double negative. You fucked up yesterday and now you fucked up today,” Noah quipped.

“You can’t just tell us to put in words to correct the statement that you clearly meant!” Noah insisted. “Because you realize we could fix anything that you’ve said by changing the right words? It could be like,  ‘Mexicans, they’re sending therapists.'”

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