Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace Scores Vladimir Putin Interview

Chris Wallace Fox News

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace will interview Russian President Vladimir Putin following next week’s summit with President Donald Trump in Helsinki, Finland.

The 30-minute interview will air Monday, July 16 on Fox News Channel, which claims it is the only interview that Putin will give to a Western journalist.

“No holds barred, no subjects off limits,” Wallace said on the America’s Newsroom show.

Wallace said he will ask Putin about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and potential meddling in the upcoming midterm elections. In addition, Wallace said he will ask the Russian president about the summit with Trump and where the two sides stand on contentious issues like NATO, Syria and Ukraine.

“I [also] want to delve into Vladimir Putin and what he wants for his country,” said Wallace, who last interviewed Putin in September 2005.

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