Samantha Bee Thankful For Emmy Noms After Donald Trump Attack Over First Daughter Blast

Samantha Bee

“It’s nice to be celebrating something right now,” Samantha Bee said of a best-yet four Emmy nominations showered on Full Frontal this morning, including the TBS late-night show’s second for Best Variety Talk Series.

Particularly gratifying, given that this year’s nom comes weeks after the White House issued a statement condemning Bee for blasting Ivanka Trump on the program. Bee had targeted the White House staffer/First Daughter/purported champion of children, for doing nothing about Dad’s baby-snatching border policy.

No one was talking, the morning after her show, about Bee’s message; all the talk was of her decision to describe Ivanka as a “feckless c*nt” on the cable late-night program. And when TBS yanked the episode from its digital channel, rather than bleep the word, while even her Turner cable colleagues at CNN were trashing her for the segment, it certainly looked as if Bee might get thrown under the bus as President Donald Trump tweeted that he wanted her fired.

To this day the chapter is referred to as Bee’s C-word disaster, rather than Ivanka Trump’s moment of shame, which impressed The Daily Show alum.

“I think that’s the kind of world we’re living in now, and I won’t be surprised when it happens again when I strike a nerve and cause some reaction,” Bee told Deadline a few hours after getting word of her Emmy noms. She will be “better prepared for it emotionally” next time, she assured, after a  “period of reflection” about the incident,” and “what it means going forward.”

“You can’t make the show from a place of fear and intimidation,” she said, adding, “I don’t think it means changing the job; it’s just something to have in the back of my mind at all times”

Bee credits TBS with standing by her, and says today’s Emmy noms are doubly nice in that they give her staff the chance to “have a day to actually step back from it, and really know that people appreciate them.”

Today marks the second time the TV Academy has supported Bee in the wake of the controversy. The day after the radioactive Full Frontal broadcast, the Academy went ahead with plans to honor Bee, who had apologized for her choice of words, as had TBS, which the White House declined to accept.  “For its dedication to making the audience laugh while making it think, the Television Academy is proud to include ‘Full Frontal with Samantha Bee’ in the Television Academy Honors,” the Academy said at that time.

Bee’s remarks about Ivanka, choice of words aside, proved prescient. First Daughter continued mum about Dad’s baby snatching – until Ivanka showed up to congratulate her father when he signed an executive order ending his own policy of putting kids in cages and detention centers.

While POTUS admitted the images and audio of the crying tots was not a good “look,” politically, but continud to insist his zero tolerance plan was needed to deter immigrants “infesting” the United States, Ivanka gushed Twitter praise of her father “for taking critical action ending family separation at our border.”

“That story continues; it has not ended,” Bee said this afternoon. “People in the news cycles should not move on…I will never let this go. None of us should.”

Asked if she has money on Trump tweeting about her Emmy nominations – POTUS having been irked he never got an Emmy for starring in The Apprentice franchise – Bee answered, modestly, “I don’t think he will. He’s got to deal with that whole situation in the UK.”

As she spoke, Trump was in the island nation, busily strategizing how to dodge the giant Baby Trump blimp the locals planned to set loose over Parliament on Friday, then send to hover near Trump’s golf course Turnberry, which he said he will visit on Saturday.

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