Sacha Baron Cohen Also Duped Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh – Who’s Not Thrilled About It

Joe Walsh via Twitter

New day, similar headline, different victim — we might have to get used to this. Life apparently hasn’t been good lately for Joe Walsh, the former GOP congressman-turned-radio host who has come out as the second pundit-pol in two days to say he was punked by Sacha Baron Cohen for the comic’s upcoming Showtime series.

The conservative talk-show host who used to represent Illinois’ 8th District is calling for a boycott of the premium cabler behind Who Is America? after Baron Cohen’s team convinced him to do an interview for a fake pro-Israel event. Walsh claims that he was told he’d been chosen to receive an award for “Significant Contributions to the State of Israel.” Seems that wasn’t the case — though he got a hotel-room freebie out of it:

The news comes one day after former GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin went public with a story that Baron Cohen posed as a wounded U.S. veteran in an interview with her. Walsh had plenty to say about that, Baron Cohen and more in a tweetstorm late Monday. Read all about it:

Who Is America? premieres Friday on Showtime.

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