BBC Improves Gender Pay Balance For Top Tier Talent


The BBC has gone some way to improving the gender balance in pay for top-tier talent after its annual financial results showed that it had begun to close this gap.

The British public broadcaster said that the proportion of top earners has fallen from a 75/25 split in favor of men to a 60/40 split. This comes as the BBC remains committed to publishing the salaries of those that earn over £150,000 a year from license fee money. It noted that around 20% of those on the list are from a black, Asian, minority ethnic (BAME) background and that it hopes to close its gender pay gap by 2020,

Some 95 executives and 96 on-screen talents are paid over this threshold. However, there are no female stars among its top ten highest paid stars, which includes Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker, who is paid between £1.75m and £1.76m and Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans, who is paid between £1.66m and £1.67m. The highest paid women is Claudia Winkelman, who earns between £370,0000 and £379,999 a year for her radio presenting. The BBC does not have to reveal salaries paid through independent production companies or BBC Studios.

Tony Hall, Director-General, says: “I hope this report shows just how powerful a creative force the BBC continues to be for Britain. We’re here to provide great services for everyone. And what this report has proved once again is that, while we can’t always compete on budgets, we can still win the awards, and we still bring the country together and represent its voices like no one else.

“I’m proud of the BBC. I’m confident for the future. Above all, I believe that we have never been more needed in a fast-changing world. And that a strong BBC can be powerful champion for Britain.”

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