Sarah Palin Says She Was ‘Duped’ By Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Sick Humor”


As everyone waits with bated breath for Sacha Baron Cohen’s satirical comedy series Who Is America? there is one person who isn’t excited: Sarah Palin.

The former Republican vice-presidential candidate took to Facebook to give Cohen a piece of her mind about the Showtime series which, true to Cohen form, is clearly out to skewer and test the boiling point of guests. Based on the teasers, he’s out for politicians and it seems that Palin was one of his interviewees — and she wasn’t aware it was him.

“Yup – we were duped. Ya’ got me, Sacha. Feel better now?” started Palin on Facebook. “I join a long list of American public personalities who have fallen victim to the evil, exploitive, sick ‘humor’ of the British ‘comedian’ Sacha Baron Cohen, enabled and sponsored by CBS/Showtime.”

The quotation marks in her statement continued when she said, “This ‘legit opportunity’ to honor American Vets and contribute to a ‘legit Showtime historical documentary’ was requested of me via a speakers bureau.”

Sounds legit.

Palin and her daughter traveled to be interviewed by a disabled U.S. veteran in a wheelchair which she presumed was Cohen.

“Out of respect for what I was led to believe would be a thoughtful discussion with someone who had served in uniform, I sat through a long ‘interview’ full of Hollywoodism’s disrespect and sarcasm – but finally had enough and literally, physically removed my mic and walked out, much to Cohen’s chagrin,” she said. “The disrespect of our US military and middle-class Americans via Cohen’s foreign commentaries under the guise of interview questions was perverse.”

She challenged Cohen to air the footage and for CBS and Showtime to donate all proceeds to a charity “that actually respects and supports American Vets.”

She goes on to slam Cohen for mocking politicians and innocent personalities and called his actions “truly sick.” And to punctuate her rant, she said that her daughter thinks he’s a “piece of ****.”

At first, promos and teasers for Who is America? were veiled in mystery until it was officially announced that the series would premiere on July 15. Cohen is writing and directing the seven-episode series which “will explore the diverse individuals, from the infamous to the unknown across the political and cultural spectrum, who populate our unique nation.”

Read Palin’s full post below.

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